Onsite Training

As a business owner and entrepreneur we can help you map out a strategic plan for a time period to suit you. Maybe you have specific objectives in terms of positioning and growth or perhaps financial objectives you would like to achieve in the coming months and years. If this is the case, then a consultantion session or series of consultation sessions will benefit you greatly.

High Level Consultations (what can be achieved and what needs to be done)

These consultations pave the way to future growth and are essential so that you, as the business owner, can make the right decision. We can provide the advice and guidance and open your eyes into what is possible. I often say “you don’t know what you don’t know” therefore having an expert show areas of your online business that could benefit from a strategy or series of strategies is essential. These consultations are aimed at companies and entrepreneurs wish to see significant growth.

Low Level Consultations (“in the trenches”, how to get things done)

These “in the trenches” consultations are geared towards providing you with the tools, resources and knowledge to take ownership or to effectively handle the outsourcing of any strategy we identify as a ‘good fit’ for your company and your specifc objectives, whether financial or otherwise.