The ease and availability of technology has positioned social media as the ideal communication platform, if used correctly

Strategic Planning – Ensures Business Success

It’s a sobering thought but do you have a specific strategy and plan in place for at least the next twelve months for your online marketing? What are you going to be testing, month by month? What are the tools and resources you need to help you achieve these goals? How will you be able to effectively measure the success or failure of your strategies?

How do all the pieces fit together?

It boils down to three simple things. You need a PLAN and a whole host of strategies. Next you need to acquire the necessary resources and IMPLEMENT as fast as you can. Lastly you need to TEST, EVALUATE and ADJUST. Let’s take a look at each one in more details.

1. Formulate a Strategy & Plan

There’s an old saying, “if you don’t plan then your planning to fail”. The mere fact of writing out a plan will engage your brain into taking action. First, you need to assess all the available strategies and then plan how they are going to fit into your budget, resources and your time. Then, allocate the resources and budgets and get going!

2. Implement With Vigour

Once you have your plan in place then you must take massive action. If you have planned correctly then no one idea or strategy will push your finances or resourses to bursting point. You don’t need that type of pressure when implementing. Of course, you will need to adjust and correct as you go along but the planning stage will give you the freedom to do so.

3. Test, Evalutate & Adjust

You’ll be testing, evaluating and adjusting during the implementation but ‘test small, measure big’ to ensure you have plenty of small victories that can be rolled out at a later stage. Don’t forget to use both online and offline media and don’t become relient on any one areas such as pay per click advertising or email marketing.