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Pay Per Click – Online Advertising on Steroids

Pay-per-click (PPC) search engines are those that offer what is called “pay-per-click” to users. PPC advertising is the placement of a small ad on the search results page for a specific keyword or keywords in return for a specified payment when a visitor actually clicks on the ad. Advertisers pay nothing to appear on the results page until someone actually clicks on their ad and is taken to the landing page on their website. Many online business owners do not understand the meaning of the term “pay-per-click advertising,” nor do they realise its enormous potential for increasing their online presence and bringing more traffic and sales to their websites. We do and that is why we can help YOU!


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Who Offers The Best Pay Per Click Online Advertising?

The most popular PPC search engine is Google and their PPC advertising program is called ‘AdWords’. This is followed by Yahoo with their ‘Search Marketing’ model. Bing have a PPC model called ‘AdCentre’. At DM Informatics we focus primarily on Google, Yahoo and Bing but their are actually many more in the market.

Is Pay Per Click Advertising Right For Us?

Pay Per Click is often referred to as a marketers dream. The reason is that with all marketing you need to test a strategy, evaluate the results and then adjust accordingly. This process often takes months with traditional marketing and can be a difficult task. With pay per click, this can be done on an hourly basis.
At DM Informatics, we don’t try and tie you in with long term contracts and we have come up with a short range trial period to see the result that can be obtained.

What are the Benefits for my Company?

The benefits to your company far outweigh the investment needed. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Pay per click advertising generates traffic immediately to your site.
  • Keywords can be adjusted, added or deleted to suit seasonal or economic trends.
  • Pay per click can be used to promote niche markets.
  • Pay per click advertising is more economical compared with traditional advertising media.
  • Immediate impact – your site is listed in a matter of hours.
  • Pay per click advertising can give an immediate return on investment – especially for online selling.
  • Pay per click advertising is ideal for both short and long term advertising campaigns.
  • You set the monthly budget, not us.
  • Suitable investment for all sizes of business. From sole traders to global plc’s.
  • Can be targeted to local, national or international audiences.
  • Ideal for brand recognition.
  • No fixed term contracts.

Our Easy 3 Stage Pay per Click Process

Stage 1 – Fact Finding and Discussion

  • Discuss your business, your competitors and your client base
  • Understand your requirements from your Pay-Per-Click marketing and your proposed budget
  • Carry out primary research of key word and key phrase groups
  • Formal proposal

Stage 2 – Investigation and Implementation

  • In depth analysis of your competitor’s activity
  • In depth analysis of keyword research including phrases, matching, negative keywords.
  • Create the ad targeting your client base
  • Cost per click analysis to ensure value for money from each ad group
  • Set up Pay Per Click Account with Google and other selected Search Engines
  • Go Live

3 – Ongoing Management

  • Carry out regular analysis to ensure the best ad positions and cost per click.
  • Ongoing campaign optimisation on a regular basis.
  • Carry out full analysis and produce reports at all levels
  • Report on cost per click, site visits, return on investment Analysis (ROI), conversion and tracking