Social Media part 2

Why are you doing Social Media part 2

Why are you doing Social Media – part 2 Social Media is supposed to be social so it’s a good idea to have your target audience in mind at all times. Instead of just having something to post on Social Media it often helps to have a customer avatar clearly defined. A customer avatar is … Continue reading “Social Media part 2”

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Social Media part 1

Why are you doing Social Media?

Why are you doing Social Media – part 1 Social Media Objectives and Planning Are you ‘doing’ Social Media because everybody else is ‘doing’ Social Media. That’s fine on a personal level, but when in business there needs to be some specific and measurable actions using the right strategies to achieve some well-defined outcomes. Think … Continue reading “Social Media part 1”

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Social Media Facts

A few stats to get your head around….. General 65% of business trip customers book online. 88% of leisure trippers research online before buying. 56% of movie ticket searches occur on mobile devices. 30% of affluent travellers have booked a last-minute trip from a mobile device. 59% of hotel guests now book online. 54% of … Continue reading “Social Media Facts”

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