Centennials to Boomers – What’s Your Poison?

Generational Marketing

Generation Divides and Your Marketing It is important to understand how different generations adopt and adapt to technology. Knowing this from a marketing point of view will assist you targeting your demographic and psychographic with the right strategies. So, do you have a typical customer avatar? Traditionalists (born prior to 1945) Traditionalists tend to have … Continue reading “Centennials to Boomers – What’s Your Poison?”

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Copyright and plagiarism – What business owners need to know

Copyright and Plagiarism

Copyright and plagiarism – know the fact I get at least three or four questions on this per week so hold tight, it’s copyright and plagiarism time. We’ll take a brief look at: Being a victim of copyright Being accused of copyright (falsely) If you are concerned about other people taking your content and simply copying and pasting it … Continue reading “Copyright and plagiarism – What business owners need to know”

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The Drones Are Coming

The Major Players Have Gone Drone Crazy Facebook, Google and Amazon are on a buying and investment frenzy on robotics and drones. During last December Google bought six robotics companies Its been on the cards for a few years now but it looks certain that we will be seeing the use of high and low … Continue reading “The Drones Are Coming”

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