Hosting and Support

Hosting and Support

Hosting and Support

Hosting and support are often overlooked or taken for granted and it is only when things go wrong the problems come to the surface. Whether you just need an email account or a dedicated cloud based server, we can handle everything you wish to put our way.

Standard Hosting

With our standard hosting packages we take care of everything. Your website will be securely hosted and you will have as many email accounts for your business as you require. We manage everything from security, maintenance, backups, updates and administration of the account. For the most part, we will host your site on our dedicated DMI server. We automatically manage the bandwidth and server space so you never need be concerned about managing resources. You don’t need to worry about anything and you can carry on doing what you do best.



Dedicated Hosting

We do offer medium sized or larger companies the option of having their own dedicated server which can be configured to the needs of the company. They offer a stable, secure and robust solution for your online needs and are best suited to high volume, high transaction websites and applications. If in doubt, ask. That is what we are here for.



Virtual or Cloud Based Hosting

The advantage of virtual or cloud-based servers is that as and when your demands and requirements change so do the resources that are allocated to your website or application. They are fast, efficient and always up-to-date with the latest technology. Disk space, memory usage and bandwidth is automatically taken care of so as demand peaks or changes, then so does the hosting environment.